david lynch 006.jpg

this remix has already been around for some months and seems to become better and better with time! i just love the baseline that kicks in at 2.03, and from there it just grows into monster that is beautifully released around five minutes. pure class by mr. lynch!


enjoy! <3

bonobo 001.jpg

10 days ago bonobo visited helsinki and played a really good gig, without a doubt the best one ive been to lately! few days after the gig his remix of maya jane coles' "something in the air" surfaced, and what a gem! so the last week and a half has been mostly about bonobo in this household, great times...


enjoy! <3

neneh cerry 001.jpg

for us that remember "buffalo stance" its nice to see that neneh cherry is coming with her first solo album in 18 years. its coming on the 25th of february and the bits and pieces that has surfaced about the record is good. its called "blank project", produced by no other than four tet and has one of the most awesome backing bands ever in rocketnumbernine!

for those that doesnt already know, neneh cherry is a swedish singer-song writer and rapper that rose to fame with the album "raw like sushi" in 1989.


enjoy! <3