ian pooley is one of those dj's that seems to always have been around, much like john digweed or dave seaman. bridging the gap between techno and house with his own productions, he has also remixed big names such as the cardigans and daft punk. somehow i always thought he was english, but to my big surprise he hails from mainz, germany and was born ian pinnekamp...

on the 5th of november ian pooley's new ep "compurhythm" will be available from innervisions webstore muting the noise. It will include an amazing remix done by dixon, which i just cant get enough of! the brilliant part of the deal is that the original and the baïkal remix are good too.

a quick question to innervisions:
why cant i preorder this ep? buying / ordering on impulse is the wallets worst enemy..."

enjoy! <3


update number 3: so the tunes went down from innervisions youtube channel, and now reappeared on muting the noise's channel (but with much crappier sound). so i've updated with the full length tunes again. if they disappear once more, i think i'll just leave the link to where you can buy the 12", cause it is that good!!!


ian pooley "compurhythm" (dixon's 4/4 treatment) + original