The Pancake song is back, and that with a real classic! The fifth instalment is 100% Disco Rodent approved, and caused heavy dancing in the kitchen (resulting in a few burned pancakes)!

Palace of Pleasure (PoP) is an old Norwegian band, and not some weird site on the internet (even they come up if you are googeling the name…). Formed back in 1993, and was known in their high days to play really funky electronica and disco dub.

I never managed to see them live, and thought I never would be able to… Until I saw that they are going to have a gig on the 2nd of December at Revolver in Oslo. I wont be able to go, but hopefully they will do more gigs and maybe come to Finland…

Anyhow, all the good times, dancing and memories came back with “Pink Palace”.

enjoy! <3