After almost 9 months of blogging I've noticed that some artists follow you on Twitter or SoundCloud, just promote themselves. This happened yesterday, and since Im a sucker for LEGO bricks I just had to check out LEGObyte!

Legobyte is the project of Russian electronic producer Ilya Orange, combining classic IDM-sound, ambient soundscapes and live instruments. He also acts as a producer for a few pop projects, writes soundtracks for computer games, commercials and short films.

If you aren't familiar with the therm IDM, it stands for Intelligent Dance Music. Where artists is using repeats, distortions, glitches and cutting up samples, to make the music sound much more fuller and detailed than it actually is.

enjoy! <3


from the vault

new album: bonobo "black sands remixed"

gold panda "back home"

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